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To Ootsu flower Festa surprise event "bouquet you!" Recruitment of participants

With Ootsu flower Festa holding to surprise event "bouquet you!" ni
We raise one that can participate one set of first arrival in every day.

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, Ootsu flower Festa meeting place is inner on Sunday for 15 days
To person who is important in (Otsu lakefront Nagisa Park sunshine beach)
Please hand bouquet.

Please hand bouquet with message with feeling of proposal and everyday thanks.

Every day, first arrival one set

Application / inquiry
Association of Otsu-shi greenery
4-1, Goryocho, Otsu-shi
Telephone 077-527-1555 FAX 077-527-1625
Please tell address, full name, contact information, contents by postcard or FAX, email.