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About removal of Ojigaoka Park large size composition playground equipment

Large playground equipment of Ojigaoka Park was installed in 1979 and has been got close to all of you as playground equipment which represented Otsu-shi for many years.

However, we perform use with stopping from May 9, this year because this playground equipment does not adapt to current safe standard. We repaired to meet safe standard and aimed at using again, but decided to remove except jungle gym part because it passed more than 38 years, and a lot of repair points to adapt to security standard advanced from setting to deterioration of playground equipment.

After the removal, we plan new establishment of large compound playground equipment, but are undecided currently about setting time.

You cause citizen's all of you inconvenience, but please understand.

■Large-scale compound playground equipment removal period (plan)■

From August 17, 2017 to August 31, 2017