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News of recruitment of the fourth clean walk participants

News of recruitment of walk @ Otsu participants clean in time fourth on   Saturday, September 23

Collaboration business "clean walk to work on in association of Otsu-shi greenery and the Shiga lake Stars," the fourth is held on Saturday, September 23! It recruits general participants and starts! While walking along the Lake Biwa lakefront with canoe sprint representative from Japan, new Oka, lakes cheerleaders Reina, Kanako; town neatly! In heart and soul health! We wait for participation!

The fourth clean walk offer summary   

↑The second state participation player: Yusuke Kano (basketball), Haruki Ishizuka (the land)

■Date and time Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (8:20 meeting)

■Place Otsu lakefront Nagisa Park sunshine beach - Zeze Castle trace park meeting: We plan sunshine beach parking lot (5, Yumihama, Otsu-shi)  ※As dissolution place is different from meeting place, please be careful.  ※We will tell about place of the details as soon as we are selected.

■Participant canoe sprint representative from Japan new Oka from the Shiga lake Stars    Lakes cheerleader gap Ina, Kanako


■We take a ceremonial photograph at clean walk end 9:30 at clean walk start 9:25 at fill-in, player greetings 8:35 at participant meeting 8:30 at schedule 8:20 and are dissolved (we present drink to player, thiakara participant)

■Entrance fee 300 yen (we pay on the day. Please prepare not to make any change)

■50 capacity first arrival

■Apply from association of application form for exclusive use of application method or Otsu-shi greenery window.  ▼Exclusive application form

■Until application period Friday, September 22 18:00

■We set up remarks, cleaning tool in organisers. ・To general participant, we present "seeds of flower" at the time of the end than association of Otsu-shi greenery and rain out. In the case of cancellation, we publicize on the day in the Shiga lake Stars, official site of both association of Otsu-shi greenery by 7:00 a.m.