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We held observation party of waterfowl
Friday, January 27, 2017

On Saturday, January 14, we held observation party of waterfowl from Zeze Castle trace park to Nagisa Park sunshine beach.

While forecast called heavy snow is given from several days ago; became held, but observed waterfowl on schedule, and was able to turn around without weather collapsing very much somehow, and doing now being held.


We stood still as if we said that we began to walk, and large egret looked promptly.

DSC03887  DSC03884

When we look in lake while we can see blue sky against forecast…There were many waterfowls!

DSC03904  DSC03907

Coot tufted duck pochard waterfowl, little grebe oyster bird…

A variety of waterfowls inhabited Lake Biwa some other time and came flying, and it was in observation society to think that we wanted to maintain such an environment in future.

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