Flower and green approach mi contest

Flower bed contest of flower at the same level as town


For individual, group managing flower bed coloring machinamio, we carry out contest to evaluate beauty of flower bed. Won group commends in "otsu flower Festa". Through the making of flower, we plan uplift of civic tree planting awareness, increase of local community.

2018 conduct summary

Application paper (table) word
Application paper (the back) word


Collection of flower bed contest photographs of flower at the same level as town


Flower and green town development contest


We aim at waiting, and doing in comfortable town that flower and Midori is filled and, for the purpose of planning uplift of tree planting consciousness, carry out contest of picture, motto about park and flower, green. Prizewinner displays after commendation in "Ojigaoka Park gymnasium" in "otsu flower Festa".


Flower and collection of green town development contest photographs