Flower and green approach mi area tree planting

Palm flower Land, entertainment district way business


The whole town is aimed for town of beautiful flower and creation of scenery that it is by local, palm flower Land making pretty flower bed like palm of children in group to make use of flower as staffage of street corner in town development, and bringing up. Entertainment district way develops palm flower Land to plane-like expansion more and creates flower and green city space, color space of city area.


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Public facilities planting business


Flower seedling which accepted flowerpots which installed in public facilities in season twice a year of (spring, autumn) plant, and promote flower and town development full of green by performing maintenance.

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We just stop offer hedge setting encouragement subsidy ←.

We demolish wall made of blocks to be moistened, and to promote a certain livable town development positively and issue hedge setting incentive wages (it is said with "subsidy" as follows) about a part of expense to need for the setting within the budget for person installing hedge newly and promote tree planting of cityscape and contribute to comfortable town development and are intended that we plan the spread and uplift of disaster prevention consciousness.

Hedge setting encouragement subsidy summary, application

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Green curtain project


It is intended to make green curtain due to crane-related plant including bitter gourd widely available. We control indoor temperature rise by wall surface tree planting and plan reduction of load to environment by reducing electric consumption such as air-conditioners. Furthermore, we plan uplift of tree planting awareness and improvement of scenery of town.


Green curtain project 2015      


Past green curtain project

Together project made with flower


Bring up flower seedling from kind in local elementary and junior high school, and aim at flower and town planning filled with greenery by not only planting flower, but also planting flower on campus in park, the station square, town including road; do. Town is colored, and children and area and interchange with volunteer be filled up with flowers which children brought up, and ties of people be filled up and make town where green is rich in.



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