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Boy Scouts business of Midori Otsu


Through field service and homage, we get close to green, and children carrying the next generation love green and, through activity to protect hometown through activity to protect green, and to bring up, and to bring up, love hometown and are intended that we are brought up to rich human being.
As activity content, we perform donation activities in "otsu flower Festa" to hold commencing with experience activities such as the making of money box or fallen leaves cleaning using tree in Otsu lakefront nagisa park commencing with natural observation and plan cultivation of knowledge about wide green.


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Heisei 26 degrees activity report
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otsu nature observation basics lecture


We get close to nature of native district to plan maintenance of natural environments and increase and raise awareness of natural environments protection and deepen understanding about relation of person and nature, and all six times carry out lecture that can learn knowledge to be concerned with natural environments in series. We can enjoy change to change naturally every importance and season of touching that we cannot experience with cityscape planted in terms of human resource in field in the suburbs of city, prefecture.

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Collection of otsu nature observation basics lecture photographs