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Heart full Gardiner training lecture, heart full gardening activity support project

[heart full Gardiner training lecture] We carry out nine times a year of training lectures to acquire flower and green right knowledge, and to train human resources playing an active part as leader local tree planting (heart full Gardiner).
Lecture contents include lecture of various fields including the pruning of the gardening welfare, pest, rose and tree. We begin with the first of 2007 and it is until 2015 and exhausts the eleventh completion student and issues registration document as heart full Gardiner of approximately 300 in total.
In addition, we change name to [flower and 7 green D school] and continue training lecture from 2017.


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Implementation guideline

[heart full gardening activity support project]

Completion life of heart full Gardiner training lecture supports activity to support community improvement, environmental conservation, civic a variety of social activities including the welfare through gardening.
In addition, under the pretense of "heart full park project (HPP)," we carry out planting management such as city parks and pay flower seedling and money of remuneration to annual maintenance. Specifically, we promote flower by civic collaboration including ground pink planting of Otsu lakefront nagisa park and the making of flower bed in front of Otsu Station and green town development.

Heart full gardening activity support project report

Flower, green supporter business

We perform the choice of raising of seedling of flower seedling by "violet society" based in contact center of Ichiriyama Park green and plant which we can appreciate throughout the year.
We are doing 3 first Wednesday every month with activity day and, in violet society, perform raising of seedling, maintenance from dissemination of flower seedling to plant in Ichiriyama park and plant flower seedling which we raised to flower bed in Otsu lakefront nagisa park.
We establish salon for the purpose of interchange of member phase each other and carry out the annual outside the prefecture training and plan skill up.

[violet society]


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Administration essential point


City park volunteer


Activity place Activity group Activity contents
Otsu lakefront nagisa park Nonprofit foundation Otsu-shi silver human resources center Maintenance of ground pink ※Whole year
Ojigaoka Park Otsu commercial high school Fallen leaves cleaning
goryokokawaryokuji Association of village self-government society of Ogi, Hokkaido Univ. Tsu High School goryokokawasei*