Ichiriyama Park

Green contact center is facility which various people interchange with flower from people, children with handicap such as elderly person or person with a disability to adult through getting close, and bringing up green, and brings up each other's consideration and heart of cooperation.

There are forests of playground equipment with longest sliding stand in park in exercise open space and the city where there are multi-purpose hall and flower and green document corner, experience corner, consultation corner about the making of garden, gardening, citizen flower garden for the making of flower for rent, other gate ball ground golf that we can utilize for holding or event of fun gardening classroom for the making of life space decorated with interchange of people and flower and green, and flower and green information are full, and anyone can enjoy garden life casually.

Facility summary

3-16-1, Ichiriyama, Otsu-shi
[usage guidance]
Opening time from 9:00 to 17:00
The next day, the year-end and New Year holidays on closed day Monday Sundays and holidays
[facility introduction]
Multipurpose hall
Sun parlor fitted with glass all-out is always available for gardening work and class, various events in spring warmth, 170 square meters of floors.
[closed day]
(1) On Monday (we remove case that is holiday.)
(2) The next day (we remove case that is Sunday or holiday.) on holiday
(3) From December 29 to January 3 of the next year



Consultation corner
Know-how and tree planting of garden life equal, please consult.


Citizen flower garden
Is made with flower; ring of contact. We are fully equipped with rest station, sprinkler head, personal locker in garden.
There is flower bed which is getting on wheelchair, and can work.


Slide which is the longest in the city
It is in forest of playground equipment of hill of lawn.
Roller slide of 23m in length is symbol of park. We hear cheers of children, and let's be suitable.


Green consultation counter

We establish business of "tree planting consultation" to meet flower and various citizen needs about green to aim at creation of the beautiful city formation that flower and green were full of, and to plan spread of improvement and citizen collaboration promotion of knowledge and skills such as park maintenance, environment tree planting, the gardening welfare.
[establishment place]
Contact center of Ichiriyama Park green
[the tree planting consultation establishment date and time]
Every Wednesday
From 9:00 a.m. to noon
From 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
[consultation contents]
Tree planting, the pruning, plantation, transplant, upbringing, the pruning, training of garden tree (flower), the extermination of pest