Guidance business outline of association

Guidance business outline of association
1.Business about enlightenment to affect urban greening and the spread
・Green event business, green spread enlightenment activity
・Green activity support project, green furtherance business
・Investigation, studies to modify city parks common business 2 business such as green experience-based activities and management administration, business about utilization promotion
・City park, exercise facility administration business
・Contact center administration business of Ichiriyama Park green [profit business]
1.Parking lot administration business
2.Vending machine administration business
3.Hall business with performance for rent
4.Article sale business
5.Park administration business
6.Exercise facility administration business

[designated management park]
1.City park (213 parks)
2.Otsu sports house river leech Oishi and Oishi green tract of land (Oishi sports village)
3.Otsu area others 2 park of lakefront green tract of land under prefectural management

[subscription for donations]
1. Green & sports supporter
Prospectus, summary
Style 1 contribution application
Application: 〒 520-0037 4-1, Goryocho, Otsu-shi
Association of Otsu-shi greenery