Otsu lakefront nagisa park


Otsu is the capital of lake. It is town of important source, Lake Biwa bringing up much life.
Otsu citizen raised heart of the lake capital in water and living, water and play, resting with water.
From the past to the future, we bring up step, rich heart with Lake Biwa. Otsu lakefront nagisa park is waterside creating the new history for the future.

Park introduction

We display Otsu lakefront nagisa park toll parking lot position figure on bigger map

[parking rate]
From parking start
 It is 430 yen until 320 yen /3 time until 210 yen /2 time until one hour
 After that it is 210 yen every 30 minutes
Large vehicle
 1st (once) 2,160 yen (only in sunshine beach parking lot)
 1st (once) 1,510 yen (only in sunshine beach parking lot)

Park introduction

Festival open space
We are connected to Otsuko, and the center of Otsu-shi is near and is open space where it may be said with the entrance of Otsu lakefront nagisa park.
We can utilize cultural events again as place of rekurieshon as citizen's oasis in open space that we did mainly on available lawn in multi-purpose.


Forest of Uchide
Place getting close to art culture having high fragrance includes Shiga Prefectural "Lake Biwa hall".
We can enjoy civic handmade event other than domestic and foreign full-scale music and dramas in hall.

nagisano promenade
It is long promenade spreading out from "forest of Uchide" to "citizen plaza".
We garnish lawn park with seasonal flower and stop foot of walk in news of seasonal flower and get down out of stairs of stone on waterside and are open space wrapped in gentleness of water.


Community/Civic Plaza
In Otsu lakefront nagisa park, it is in place that we pushed out in surface of a lake and is good open space of the prospects most.
We may not be tired of seeing beautiful mountain range and Lake Biwa Ohashi, Oomi Ohashi, city nomachinamiga wishes of Hiei, Hira through surface of a lake.
In addition, it is available as place of civic new event.

Sunshine beach
Sandy beach which is long widely most widely from "Community/Civic Plaza" to Oomi Ohashi in Otsu lakefront nagisa park is continuing open space.
We run on sandy beach barefoot and are open space that can sense water and play, good citizen's waterside toshitenagisa park bodily.
In addition, row of pine trees spreads out behind sandy beach, and scenery of Shirahama Aomatsu becomes place spreading out.
Behind open space, "vuyurutsuburukuhausu" where we established restaurant and introduction section of sisters friendship town and civic pool are established.

Way of Zeze, haze
It is promenade connecting along the lakefront from Zeze ruins of a castle park to haze with green.
The history and scenery of Otsu including famous "haze of Awazu" are united with nature in Zeze ruins of a castle park and the eight best scenic places of Omi that stuck out of lake.
We think in ancient times and become place softening heart for passage of time