Ojiyama Stadium


Ojiyama general exercise park was called "Ojiyama Stadium" by citizen's all of you since 1960 and has been got close. Ojiyama baseball stadium to boast of the history as longed-for place of boys who plays baseball to as the stage of excellent game of many lake countries to remain in history of baseball again wrote time for five years from 2002 and renovated figure as contemporary baseball stadium which had substantial sports environment and city disaster prevention function. Ground management of evaluation with national level and creation of comfortable baseball environment always bring up dream of many people and will be to lay impression to remember.

The exercise facility space situation is this

Facility summary

4-1, Goryocho, Otsu-shi
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Ojiyama Stadium list of charges (April 1, 2016 revision)
[facility introduction]
Ojiyama general exercise park baseball field (Ojiyama Stadium)
The left and the right flanks 100m, mid-sized 122m
Infield black soil mixture soil
Outfield nature turf
Scoreboard electric light type (three colors of light emitting diode)
Night game lighting
Infield stands steel reinforced concrete construction 3 stories (construction approximately 7,080 square meters in area)
(indoor practice field, stands, behavior room)
Outfield stands steel reinforced concrete construction 2 stories (construction approximately 2,650 square meters in area)
(disaster prevention storage warehouses)

[closure day]
December 29 - next year January 3


Ojigaoka Park Ojiyama general exercise park