Ojiyama general exercise park


It is exercise park to represent Otsu-shi.
It is very popular every day as park which athletics field and fancy place of boys who plays baseball and historical baseball field where it is, artificial turf tennis court equipped with night game, enriched full-scale facility group which become venue of marathon including athletic gym (prefectural sports hall) are available to easily.

The exercise facility space situation is this


[exercise facility lottery schedule]

Lottery guidance (to March, 27 ~ share)


[personal use list of charges]

Schools The public
The city 100 yen 210 yen
The suburbs 160 yen 320 yen
Outside the prefecture 210 yen 430 yen
Facility summary
4-1, Goryocho, Otsu-shi
[usage guidance]
Charge is this
[closure day]
December 29 - next year January 3
[facility introduction]
■Athletics field 1
■Baseball field 1 (there is night game)
■Multipurpose exercise open space (G) 1 (there is baseball coat (4) night game)
■Tennis court 4 (there are all weather, night games)




Ojigaoka Park Ojiyama Stadium