Flower and green one point advice

It is observation, prevention to be important

Important thing is "health care" that both plant and human being have the same to be well. Of course the attention of we human being becomes important because plant cannot move by oneself.
Please carry out if you catch the points as it is not such difficult thing.

■ⅠWe aim at early detection of observation - pest! ...

Daily greetings

Daily patrol leads to early detection of disease and pest. As at first these are easy to occur to back of a leaf, check of back of a leaf particularly carefully. As for the young buds which are easy to catch harm likewise.

Let's observe with plastic bag and scissors

We cut every leaf as soon as we make incubation (it blows) and interval is that few hairy caterpillars gather around back of a leaf and found, and let's process. If there is still little harm, we cut leaf that stigmatic maculation appeared and handle. We do not put off processing and finish if we have tool to work in the case of watchman immediately.

■Ⅱ... which we want to bring up in good health not to lose to preventive - pest

Good environment is hard to bring pest close

High temperature and humidity are disease and conditions that are perfect for pest. We do cull and the pruning (the pruning) and will fix ventilation, sunny environment.

We will look back on previous year

It is effective once as disease that appeared is more likely to recur when we spray sterilizer around two weeks before time when blight occurred in year before.

Even plant is poor at overprotection

Overdoing of manure (particularly Chisso manure) makes plant soft. We will follow appropriate amount.

Is it ... if we see butterfly and moth?

We check back of a leaf immediately if we see butterfly and moth! Egg may be deposited.

■ⅢWhen finish extermination ...; thoroughly! ...

Is making a roundup arrest difficult ...?

Pest and disease-causing germs lie hidden in invisible place and repeat outbreak. Therefore dispersion of insecticide and sterilizer is insufficient at once. We will spray state 2-3 times every several days while seeing.

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