otsu park report step 3

With otsu park report

"otsu park reporter" is approach to have you post that you noticed citizen's all of you in park (flower is beautiful, and facility is broken) using application of smartphone. Information from all of you is useful for the making of security, relief, comfortable park more.
We utilize IT technique in Europe and America, and activity that citizen participates in for town development spreads. The staff utilizes smartphone in our association and collects information of park every day. There are parks such as municipal park or Kasugayama Park of 213 places in big things and small things under prefectural management in Otsu-shi. Therefore is smoother by having citizen's all of you help; thought that could gather information.
◆We carried out proof experiment in some parks from flyer, use application downloading (PDF) October 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. As for the contents of proof experiment (step 2), please see this.


Implementation guideline


This approach is intended to transmit problem of park usefully exactly early by utilizing IT technique. In reference to opinion that had citizen's all of you post, we make use for the making of security, relief, comfortable park more.
◆Implementation guideline downloading (PDF)

2.The operational starting date

From October 15, 2015

3.Target park

◆We confirm target park in map
Municipal park
・213 places of city parks in Otsu-shi

Park under prefectural management
・Kasugayama Park
・Obanagawa Park
・Lakefront green tract of land (Narukawa wicket Kawachi ward, wa*shinyajiku, Katata, Ogoto district, Hokkaido Univ. Tsu district)

4.Target person

Please cooperate toward around one where target park is used and target park. I issue user name, password from our association when I have you do predetermined application and send by email.

5.Contribution contents

Damage, graffiti, illegal dumping of facility in park, thing about plant, thing about use manner. Flower is beautiful and we worked on cleaning and raise positive opinions.

6.Participation method

You fill in matter necessary for attached sheet "use of otsu park report application", and you bring, or apply for our association by mail or FAX. We will tell about usage of application by email.
※We do not perform acceptance by WEB and E-mail for personal information protection.
◆Flyer, use application downloading (PDF)

7.Contribution method

We access URL of Web browser karaotsu park report contribution system of smartphone and PC and post photograph, positional information, problem. On the Internet, we can post for 24 hours.
◆How to use guide downloading (PDF)

8.Exhibition of contribution

Or, in some or all of contribution contents, our association may release otsu park report user to the public. (it is said that it is closed for the time being.)

9.Correspondence time of our association

As a general rule, from weekdays 9:00 to 17:00

10.The handling of personal information

  • We manage personal information to have you provide based on privacy policy of our association appropriately.
  • Personal information to have you provide uses only operation of otsu park report. We do not use for other purposes.
  • Personal information to enroll in contribution system among personal information to have you provide does not register full name, address, phone number with system only in e-mail address. (we register nickname, ID, password with system any place other than the e-mail address, but these do not correspond to personal information.)
  • We may provide e-mail address to system developer for system operation among personal information to have you provide


  • Opinion that had you post assumes reference opinion of park management, and please note that you reply for all opinions and do not cope.
  • We make some modifications or may delete personal information about inappropriate contributions such as contributions about privacy.
  • As item of the target park outside and the conduct period outside does not support in principle otsu park report, please contact over telephones separately.
  • When we need emergency, I would like communication over telephone.
  • Necessary communication costs are charged to participant.

12.Communication, reference

Association of Otsu-shi greenery
〒520-0047 4-1-1, Hamaotsu, Otsu-shi
TEL: 077-527-1555 FAX: 077-527-1625